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Week 23 on Turismo 2.0

Dear friends, this is a new translation from Rafael’s summary for this week.
Another briefing, and this is 7th one. This week, after the hangover’s holidays, April fool jokes (in Spain on Dec. 28), simulated resigns and dancings, we’re becoming more serious and we’re starting the 2008 powerfully.
Starting this year, and as a line to be followed in next summaries, Rafa choses 11 posts from Turismo 2.0 and 11 posts from blogs. In both selections, one of the posts will be honored as outstanding and special respectively. This is the briefing, with this newly organized format. Here we go…

Week 23 Summary

10 POSTS + 1 outstanding:

  1. Final solution to the great April fool joke. Who acquires Turismo 2.0? by Albert barra
  2. On Contents I, On Contents II by Jordi Ruiz. For those with doubts about how to write a blog. A great lesson.
  3. 13 predictions for Facebook in 2008 by Juan Antonio Rodríguez Gamero. Somehow conceited, but if the become real…
  4. Joan Gou, we love you, come back, please by Albert Barra, as an answer to the threat by Joan Gou about leaving the community, because of the April fool joke. Very expensive would have turned out.
  5. The sales man analysis by Pere Martí. As you can see, any person, in the labour environment, has her/his roles and several definitions. If you want to succeed in anything, you have to tend to meet the right definition in every case
  6. WORLDWOMIA by Anna Soliquer. Following the petition by several Turismo 2.o members, Anna exhibits herself with a mastering post.
  7. In 2007 by Jordi Ruiz, sharing with us what things have been the most important ones for him in 2007 and what he desires for 2008
  8. Vertical Integrations in the Hotel places: from market synergies to Social Benefits, by David Vicent. A new conception of hotel business. A truly innovative proposal. Will he be a visionary person?.
  9. High-Powered Flights by Manuel Colmenero. A very interesting article with three real cases about managing customer’s needs.
  10. Am I “posting”? by María. We already know it, someone arrives, does write something as an introduction, and the party is ready. This time, the scene was a lift and a neighbor community. It’s the fun side of the week.


  • Letter to Peter Drucker, with more than 40 comments, all very interesting. It’s been the origin of a debate to go down in history.

BLOGROLL (10 articles + 1 special mention):

  1. If you drink don’t read Sobejano (Edu William). Ironic mix between the April fool joke and party night.
  2. What happened with the Hosteltur Community? (Nando Llorella). Nobody commented again about the news on early November. What happened?
  3. Hotels and ISO standards (Juan Sobejano). Over Quality again and again, we see it’s not on paperwork.
  4. Act of revenge (Joan Gou)
  5. Banksy tour ( José Antonio Donaire). A visual spectacle and an original touristic ad.
  6. Storytelling (Isaac Vidal). Talking about the importance of storytelling in communication.
  7. 2008 the consolidation of R-evolucion and NETworking relationships (Jimmy Pons). What started in 2007, will be consolidated in. Another visionary person.
  8. The control effect (Juan Sobejano). An excessive focus on control, creates chaos. (boomerang effect)
  9. Winners of the Friendly Writer Game (The hotel). First winners for a night in a hotel room in “The Hotel”. Notice that Rafael Martinez is one of them. Congratulations, Rafael!!!
  10. The time 2.0 concept (Joantxo Llantada). Magnificent article where Joantxo talks about time in relation with perception, attention, …

SPECIAL MENTION: Hotel Marketing in the New Millenium. First Albert Barra’s e-Book.


We’ve been sold by Juan Sobejano, to top the joke off and spread the hesitation.
To the whole community, by Joan Gou. In this discussion, the possibility to create an alternative forum instead of Plan de Turismo 2020 is exposed. Really interesting. Feel free to participate.
Reception Department by Rafael Martínez, recommending to everybody to participate to this discussion from his group of Hotel Procedures and observe the impeccable work by Jaione Bilbao.
Behaviours of the Chinese Tourist, by Angels Bueno
Business / commercial hours, by Jordi Marti. Are business hours well approached?. In fact, this is a post, but because we had already written 10, and there was no more space, it comes to the Others section. As Rafael makes his bed, so must lie upon it (I’m not sure of its exact meaning in English, but the Spanish expression means he makes the rules and he receives them).

– As you can see, all along this section appears, at the left column, the paper proposals to present to the Annual Event, closer day by day. Let’s getting engaged, it only takes 10 minutes and surely there are many people who have interesting content to show to the rest.

Special side-prize:

You shouldn’t keep exclusive ownership of your knowledge, by Rafael Martinez. A remarkable article about the value of sharing knowledge as a beautiful opportunity for hotels. I truly recommend to follow the 6 point list whether you’re an individual or an entity.

See you next Friday.

Thanks, Rafael!

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